All You Need to Know About Suraj Kumar Kashi Paintings

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Whenever it comes to Indian painters or artists, there is no doubt that Suraj Kumar Kashi is one of the top names that you would get to hear. He has done some amazing artwork. Hence he is not just popular in India but around the world too.

And in case if you are looking ahead to purchase Suraj Kumar Kashi Paintings online. Then you better stick with this article. As in this article, I am going to talk about Suraj Kumar Kashi and his Paintings. So you can get to know more about him and creations.

So here we go:

Introduction: Suraj Kumar Kashi

Suraj Kumar kasha is one of the famous Indian painters out there. He was born in 1976 in Jamui Bihar. And according to him, since childhood, he was passionate about paintings and loved to do it. Also, to pursue his career in painting, he did B.F.A from Art College Patna. After that, he did his Master’s degree from the College of Art, Delhi University.

Even you must know that Suraj was a gold medalist, and opportunists came knocking for him. Although, in the early days, he started his career by working for Ogilvy and Mather as an Art Director. However, he later realized his true calling for art, and he chooses to follow his passion for art. And after two years of working, he started his career as a freelance artist.

Also, most of his artworks are based on his experiences of the rural, semi-urban, and city life. Furthermore, he focused his efforts on developing a signature style that is drawn from his various experiences of living in the village, towns, and cities.

And there is no doubt that Suraj Kumar Kashi paintings are phenomenal. And every time he tries to bring a new theme to his creations, a story that is full of interesting characters. And this is something which is completely different. Hence, he has his name around the world.

Moreover, Suraj works with different mediums and textures, but his current canvasses have been painted in acrylic and oil on canvas. However, he continuously tries to bring new things to his creations. Hence, it keeps his artworks fresh. He also did quite a lot of solo and group shows. Some of the popular shows include Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan London, Jain Marunouchi art gallery New York, Lalit Kala Academy New Delhi, and so on. Suraj is currently based in Delhi.

Where to Buy Suraj Kumar Kashi Paintings?

There are quite a lot of websites, and sources are available on the internet from where you can purchase Suraj Kumar Kashi Paintings. Also, Suraj Kumar Kashi Paintings are available not just in India but outside of India too.

However, when it comes to buying his paintings, there are two websites that you can try out. One is the if you are planning to shop it outside of India. And if you are living in India, then you can use the same website mentioned above to shop Suraj Kumar Kashi Paintings.”

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