Digital Marketing, E-Marketing, and Internet Marketing: What’s the Difference?

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During the last few years, the world has transformed into a digital world. Everything is now depending on the internet and for survival in any market, connectivity with the digital platforms is extremely needed of an hour. Tactics of marketing are also changed with the change of technologies.

Wait a minute, isn’t it the same thing as internet marketing, e-marketing, and digital marketing? I will go over the fundamental differences between each term in this article. This will assist you in making the best selection for your company when deciding which sorts of marketing to use.

At the early stage of online marketing, there was very little difference between all these strategies. That gap has increased with the rise of online marketing.

Basically, online marketing is also known as digital marketing. Digital marketing is a broad term that covers all marketing activities across all the digital channels.  These channels include email marketing, influencer marketing, mobile marketing, and many more. Offline marketing is also part of digital marketing for example billboard marketing.

On the other side, E-marketing is a more specific term. It covers marketing through media access via the internet. This marketing tactic comes under the digital marketing umbrella. It has methods like content marketing, SEO, PPC, and social media marketing.

Businesses are shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing to connect their maximum customers. To achieve this target, business needs to adopt strategies under the umbrella of digital marketing.  Businesses use E-marketing, digital marketing, or internet marketing.

Digital Marketing- Marketing Umbrella Covers Many Marketing Strategies

Since the advent of the internet and search engines in 1990, this marketing method has grown in popularity among professionals. It has turned into a lucrative career path. All marketing efforts that make use of an electronic device or the internet are referred to as digital marketing.

It is now a requirement for your company’s success and brand exposure. You’ll notice that every brand has a website if you look around. If a company does not have a website, it must have a social media presence or a digital advertising strategy. Buyers trust digital marketing so much that they rely on it to learn about brands.

Businesses today employ digital resources such as;

  • Social media
  • Search engines
  • Emails
  • Websites

The purpose of all these is to engage with current and new customers, and these channels provide multiple options to develop a clientele.

To summaries, digital marketing is essential for any competitive business owner. With its myriad connected strategies and digital marketing services, it makes it easier to be more innovative.

Types Of Digital Marketing Strategies

·        Electronic billboards

·        Mobile apps and related push notifications

·        PPC ads

·        TV commercials

·        Databases containing market research and customer’s data

E-Marketing- Access To Media Via The Internet For Marketing

E-Marketing is similar to Internet Marketing in that it includes SEO and PPC tactics, but it focuses more on developing consumer relationships, which is crucial to launching successful campaigns. Customer review sites, social media, and email marketing are all beginning to fall under the E-Marketing umbrella.

Social media is one of the fastest-growing fields of marketing. Whether you’re publishing business updates or utilizing Social Media ads to target your ideal customer, it’s a terrific way to communicate with existing and future customers. Social media marketing is a low-cost, high-reward method of promoting your company.

Types Of E-marketing

The following are examples of E-Marketing types:

·        Online reviews

·        Google reviews

·        TripAdvisor

·        Trustpilot

·        Yell

·        Email Marketing Campaigns Social Media

·        Facebook

·        Twitter

·        LinkedIn

·        YouTube, Instagram Online reviews

Internet Marketing- Marketing Through Internet

Very few individuals knew the difference between internet marketing and e-marketing until recently. The use of the internet to achieve marketing goals is known as internet marketing. This could include things like establishing a company website, using SEO techniques, email marketing, social media marketing, forming online alliances, or using interactive advertising.

Internet marketing is a fantastic technique to reach out to customers on the internet.

Under the umbrella of Internet Marketing, Google Ads and other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) tactics are included; these are some of the most in-depth and rewarding ways to market your brand. With visual advertisements on the Google Display Network, you may reach thousands of potential clients across thousands of websites using Google Ads.

With Google Ads, your website can also appear at the top of Google search results, making it one of the finest locations to start with Internet Marketing.

Types Of Internet Marketing

The following are examples of internet marketing types:

·        On-site Search Engine Optimization;

·        Google Ads,

·        Bing Ads PPC Networks;

·        Google Ads, Bing Ads


Hopefully, after reading this, now you get the difference between all three marketing terms. Businesses can achieve their goals by using all of these strategies. The most impressive online marketing strategies combine a variety of techniques that work well together. These digital marketing services using Google Ads to drive visitors directly to your site are excellent, but including E-Marketing in your strategy helps you create relationships with your consumers.


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