Give Some Gifts to Nature on This Diwali

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In this period of lockdown, we missed get-togethers, parties, traveling, and other kinds of social gatherings. There is no doubt that this has made us realize the importance of living alone by which we can be strong as it is commonly said that if you want to be strong then live alone. It has also made us realize how an animal feels when we keep it in a cage. Anyone would be happier if free rather than being in a cage or controlled in a rein.

There was less pollution when human activities were reduced, the situation of complete lockdown has also taught the significance of pause. We used to give the excuse of our busy schedule whenever we had to take out time to care for nature or to help animals. It seems like the creator wanted us to stop us so that we could observe. Now when everything is opening again, we should implement the things we have learned from the lockdown. We should care about nature and animals for which we can give the following kind of gift to nature on Diwali

By not spreading garbage

As we have observed how clean the natural resources were during the period of lockdown, we should try to reduce the amount of waste produced by us. Don’t you want a clean environment around you? They clicked pictures of rivers in the lockdown when fish were happy in clean water and more varieties of fish were seen in the water. Our garbage has created pollution in oceans and caused problems for marine animals. You can definitely reduce the garbage by reducing the unnecessary packing of things and by replacing non-biodegradable things with biodegradable things like you can use biodegradable packing on your Diwali gift.

By growing more plants and trees

The reason behind the pollution is the selfishness of humans as they did not care about other living beings on earth but they should understand that the existence of other living beings is equally important on earth. Nature has made everything for a reason like trees, animals, and even small insects. All living beings are dependent on each other for food or other things. Animals are also important as some of them are part of our food and from some, we get milk, wool, leather, etc.

Forests are dependent on animals and animals are dependent on forests. Insects help in the pollination of the flowers which is crucial for the formation of fruits. They are also dependent on plants. Birds make their nests on trees. Hence, you should grow more plants and trees which are important for the survival of other living creatures. You can even contribute to the loss of flora which has happened in the previous years when they cut many trees in the name of infrastructure. You can give gifts of plants to others on Diwali to indirectly encourage them to grow plants and trees.

By not burning crackers

There is no benefit of bursting crackers because these are just a waste of money and cause injuries as well apart from creating pollution. You should better spend your money on your favorite Diwali sweets which are tasty as well as healthy like the one made with dry fruits, nuts, or fruits instead of wasting on crackers because health should be the priority of a person. If you do not want to spend money on eatables then you can also buy your favorite dress which you can use for a long time and in this way you can wisely spend your money. When human activities were less, the air was more clear and visibility was more. If you want to breathe in clean air then you should definitely give this gift to nature.

By using fewer vehicles

People usually face the problem of traffic especially during the festival season and this happens mostly because of more number of vehicles on road. They should try to reduce the use of vehicles as much as they can. More vehicles obviously create more pollution but this also wastes your time which you can utilize doing something more important.

People should definitely do enjoyment on Diwali but not at the cost of the environment.

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