How to Make Your Business More Environmental-friendly?

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Global warming, pollution and other severe issues are rotting the environment day by day. One individual can make a difference so why not start with ourselves? Drive Jacket offer a variety of jackets and costumes including the Michael Jackson costume with eco-friendly processes. Organizations nowadays are using so many processes and procedures which harm the environment on a large scale but most organizations do not care about the environment but only their profits. One by one, we can make a difference by starting environmentally friendly procedures and steps in our work space. 

Let’s start saving the environment by using some eco-friendly processes in our work environment. Here are some tips you can use in your business and work places which is going to keep your organization eco-friendly.

Use Recycled Papers.

First step to being an eco-friendly environment is to start recycling things that can be recycled and reuse them to be more efficient. One way is to use PCW products like their printing papers, tissue papers, packaging and napkins. 

Another way to be eco-friendly is to reuse papers. Print less, use less papers, and keep work on the digital world more than physical world, using papers. Recycle papers that have been used in your offices and make sure both sides are consumed and worked up on.

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Get Rid of Ink and Toners.

Ink and toners cause a huge harm to the environment. Disposing ink and toners is one of the most important job a business has which contributes to the well-being environment. In order to dispose the ink and toner, find the closest drop-off bins, for instance staples office, depot, Walmart and Bestbuy. These places help dispose or even recycle the cartridges with ink and even refill them at times. Try to reuse those cartridges unless really needed to be disposed. The recycling of these devices can be really helpful in protecting the environment.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Chemicals.

In order to clean workplaces, there are several chemicals used which are toxic and can be harmful for the environment. These cleaning chemicals can even be harmful for the people around like the employees. One can either use chemicals with less concentration and harm to the environment or even if one is using harmful chemicals, know how to dispose the leftover chemicals in the right way without causing much harm to the environment.

Use of Energy Efficient Lights.

High efficiency lights like LEDS and CFLS are known to be eco-friendly. They might cost a bit more than regular lights but they last way longer than regular bulbs and lights. On the other hand, these options (LEDs and CFLs) doesn’t use as much energy as consumed by regular lights, it will definitely save electricity.

Use Eco-friendly Transportation System.

Why use personal transportation and play an additional role in pollution when you can use the already working public transports for transportation used in your organization. Biking or walking may also be an easy and eco-friendly way of transportation. 

There are other eco-friendly ways of transportation which includes least pollution, vehicles which are high-efficiency and doesn’t work on gas or diesel.

Eco-friendly Marketing.

Try using your business in the direction of environment friendliness. Make sure you create awareness about the upcoming and current environmental issues created by the population. This way, your business would get a good name in the market as well as you will be contributing some good and spread awareness among the public. These certain events include;

  • Clean Energy month (March)
  • Earth day (April)
  • Arbor day (April)
  • National Bike to Work day (May)
  • Energy Action Month (October)

Get creative with these holidays and use it to spread awareness, do something good for the environment and also make a little positive publicity for yourself and your business.


The world is under the influence of great issues caused by global warming, pollution and other environmental hazards. We need to make sure to work our part of keeping our planet safe and prevent it from getting destroyed by our own hands. We can take measures like recycling and reusing, avoid causing pollution – no matter air pollution from our vehicles and factories or water pollution by dumping waste in the water, preventing global warming by planting maximum trees and keeping the environment clean and healthy. It’s time we take these matters in our own hands rather than keep blaming and depending on the government. Individuals and businesses need to start taking initiatives now. 

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