How to Wear a Polo Shirt Cleverly – Simple but Effective Tips For Him & Her

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Customized polo shirts have always been important in men’s and women’s wardrobes since the ’80s and it is not difficult to notice why. Polo shirts offer exceptional fitting and breathability of a T-shirt, but with the inclusion of a button-up. They are convenient to combine, dress up or down, and come in a variety of price ranges.

As reliable and friendly as they are, not many people know how to wear them wisely. In this post, we will discuss how to wear a polo shirt; the right way.

The Right Size of an Embroidered Polo

Unless you are planning to create your fashion style by outfitting in a large-sized polo shirt, there should be a particular fit that you can follow:

The Right Length of a Polo

The perfect length of a polo shirt should be somewhere that reaches to your hips. Any longer than the suggested may look wrong. Any shorter and it will become difficult to keep it tucked inside your pants.

Some polo shirts have the backside longer than the front. This is to stop the shirt from untucking whenever you’re sitting down. These type of garments should always be tucked in to hide uneven lengths that can destroy the look of your polo shirt.


The right sleeves for men should be around the mid-bicep and hug it, but not completely choke it. If the sleeves of your custom embroidered polo shirts are too loose or too tight, then it is not the right fit for you. As a common rule to understand the right fitting for your polo shirt, try inserting two or three fingers between the fabric and your arm to get the right size.

For women, the rules are the same, although it should be a little shorter.

Combine your Polo Shirt with the Following

A Sweater or Blazer

During the warm, sunny, casual days, a polo shirt can be the most sought out alternate of a shirt. Ensure that you are wearing with a light colored jacket or sweater. The reason for pairing up the polo with a light colored jacket is to make the clothing palette not too bright and not too dull.

FYI – Whenever you are wearing a polo shirt with a sweater or a blazer, make sure that the jacket is not over-powering the shade of the polo shirt. Remember to take your blazer on and off. The collars of polo shirts are softer in comparison to the conventional button-ups which is why one should always pay attention to them.

Chinos or Trousers

For the ultimate modern look, combine a polo shirt with a pair of trousers or chinos with trainers. Depending on the clothing requirements set by your organization, this is a brilliant outfit that you can wear during the summertime.

Chinos and blazers go well with custom embroidered polo shirts because they create an immaculate balance complementing each other. The first two clothing choices are structured and can be worn as both formal and casual, while the latter ones are unstructured, meaning that you can wear them formally.

Joggers or Trainers

This may sound a little opposing, especially coming from the tips mentioned above, but one benefit that a polo shirt has is that it can either dressed up or dressed down. Besides, with all the other clothing options like athleisure, joggers and trainers look just as stylish as tailored pants, without even talking about how comfortable they are.

You shouldn’t do these Things

Layering it up

There was a time in the fashion world when wearing a polo shirt on top of another polo was considered to be iconic. It may have been fashionable back then, but today it is not. It doesn’t matter if it looks good or bad, but even if it did, it’s not comfortable since most of the times the polos are designed from pique, which is more substantial and much more stringent than the conventional cotton, and wearing one over another is not just the bright idea.

Pop your Collar

Popping your collar might have been okay when you were 15, but now it’s just humiliating. Nothing good can come of it – so just don’t.

Wear an Undershirt

Wearing an undershirt on a polo shirt will make you look bulky for no reason. Polo shirts should always be worn solo, and not with anything.

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