Top 3 commercial projects by Goel Ganga Group to invest

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A commercial development should have ample space and in places where commuting is possible.

Pune has become one of India’s most desirable cities to reside in throughout the years. Moreover, in Pune, the graph of real estate properties is trending upward. Commercial projects are being developed in Pune by a wide number of local, national, and international real estate developers.

Trends of purchasing commercial projects 

Due to the city’s growth, commercial properties in Pune have received a lot of interest from real estate developers. This has fueled the trend of purchasing commercial assets such as office spaces and retail facilities such as shops and restaurants.

Every major Pune suburb has at least one noteworthy commercial establishment for sale, and the demand continues to grow. New commercial projects with office spaces and stores add value to the development on a daily basis.

The IT and software industry is booming in Pune, as well as many businesses and investors take interest in purchasing a commercial space in the city. Purchasing a business property in Pune could be one of the best decisions you make in your life.

One of the most compelling arguments for purchasing one of these commercial establishments in Pune is the potential for a larger return on investment.

Here are some of the best commercial projects by Goel Ganga Group owner, Atul Goel Ganga that offer premium office space.

The finest developments by Goel Ganga Group

Following are the finest developments by Goel Ganga Group in Pune, Nagpur, and Maharashtra.

  1. The HQ in Pune

The Goel Ganga Group is now working on a commercial project for the HQ. It is a well-planned project located at Boat Club Road. You will appreciate the comfort of this project’s facilities and amenities, which include all modern comforts.

The HQ offers elegance and exclusivity. It’s in the upscale Boat Club Road neighbourhood. As well as it is the ideal location for establishing a business.

There will be large office spaces at the HQ, where a number of major businesses flank. This place will give your establishment a sense of glitz as well as authority.

According to Goel Ganga Group Reviews, it is one of Pune’s largest commercial spaces by Atul Goel’s team, which has years of expertise as well as has established a reputation for excellence conventional centres are places where people come together.

  1. East point mall in Mumbai

Kurla, Mumbai’s largest suburb, is home to one of the city’s busiest railway stations. The best shopping location for national and international brands is East Point Mall in Kurla.

This shopping centre is located in the midst of the renowned Kurla bazar. They also proposed that a metro line be built adjacent to the mall for the city’s convenience.

The East Point Mall has four storeys. Each level is tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. East Point Mall is the only shopping centre in Kurla East that offers underground parking, two-wheeler parking, wide loading docks, spacious passenger lifts, and a safe as well as secure air-conditioned environment.

  1. Glocal Square in Nagpur

Glocal Square is a new ongoing project by the Goel Ganga group in Nagpur’s city centre. It is a well-known commercial and business location with an exceptional shopping mall and entertainment complex. It is in an ideal location that is well-known for its high-end shops, boutiques, restaurants, and well-established leading brands.


Investing in a business property of Goel Ganga Group is a surefire way to make money. All the commercial projects have been created with today’s needs in mind.

If you’re looking for world-class infrastructure, consider investing in one of these commercial spaces. These commercial projects provide you with the opportunity to solidify your fundamentals while working in a world-class setting.

Moreover, this is an excellent moment to purchase a business property. The desire to own a commercial property is grow thrice as time passes.

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