10 Fun Things to do in Batanes You Must not Miss

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Batanes, the archipelagic province and the northernmost province in the Philippines, has on the way to becoming one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country. All thanks to improving transport and access for the tourists. The beauty of the northern region is worth a visit and if you have already got some plans set, here is a list of things to do in Batanes. Well, there are plenty but we have chosen the best or you!

How to go to Batanes

Before moving on to the main part, let’s first know what the best way to reach Batanes is. As it is an archipelagic region, the only way is by flight. You can get daily direct flights from Manila, Clark, and Tuguegrao to Batanes.

Note: There are no ferries and boats available to take you to Batanes. So, we suggest booking your flight tickets ahead of time.

When to Visit Batanes

If you are okay with the sunny weather and high temperatures, the best time to visit Batanes for you is from March to June and if you are a winter-loving person, we would suggest you to fly to the archipelago island between the months of December and February. You can book cheap flights to Manila with Ieagle.

However, the weather in Batanes is mostly unpredictable. You might also see 2-4 shifts in the weather condition in one day! So, be prepared for everything when on your Batanes tour.

Things to do in Batanes

Interact with the Locals and Understand their Lifestyle

No doubt Batanes is beautiful and so are its people. On meeting and talking to them, you will get to know a lot of stories from history and a lot more about their culture. You will learn about life in the remotest areas, the advantages, and disadvantages. They are hospitable and kind.

Visit the Amazing Beaches

Even though this tourist destination is not-so-famous beach getaway in the Philippines, but it does have a few amazing beaches to swim, relax and enjoy. One of the favorites of the locals which you can explore is Homoron Blue Lagoon.

See the Glowing Lighthouses

Places like Tavid, Sabtang, and Basco in Batanes are known for marvelous lighthouses, each one of these is truly magical. The Basco Lighthouse is the favorite of tourists and locals alike as the sunset here is spectacular and you can even have a perfect romantic dinner with your partner in the lighthouse. Well, here’s your chance to plan a romantic date!

 Go, Church Hopping,

You will come to know about many old churches in the region. Plan it on a weekday as it will be more peaceful as compared to the busy Sundays.

Visit Islands other than Basco

We aren’t saying no to Basco Island, but do explore some other places around like the Batan Island, Itbayat or Sabtang. These islands are quieter at night, so you can spend a peaceful time away from the hustle-bustle.

See the Stone Houses in Batanes

Batanes is very famous for its ancient stone houses, some of which still preserved for years. These are Spanish-style houses that have a kitchen separated from other areas of the house. Why still stone houses? It is said that building houses with stones helps protect them from disastrous earthquakes or typhoons.

Go on a Food Tour

Try out all the local food varieties you can in Batanes. The food scene here is a bumper offer for foodies. If you are one, take a day out from your itinerary and reserve it for a food tour in Batanes. Try out all the famous dishes such as the flying fish, colored rice and used balls.

Allure the Sunset at Vayang Rolling Hills

Vayang Rolling Hills in Basco, Batanes is one of the must-visit places in the northernmost region, especially for its breathtaking sunsets. Enjoy the charming colors of the sky and click some pictures.

Go on a Tricycle Ride in Batanes

Tricycles in Batanes are quite different from the other kinds in the country. You can go on a day’s tricycle tour. Make sure to keep an update of the weather before planning your day. A tricycle ride can be a little challenging on a windy or rainy day.

Visit the hidden spots in Batanes

Batanes has got a few fantastic spots that are hidden from the tourism industry such as Nakayama Burial and Spring of Youth. Nakayama Burial is a mini-trek of only 10 minutes. It is a place where Ivatan people perform burial ceremonies. Their grave has the shape of the boat pointing or looking at the sea. It is believed that the soul needs to return to the sea after death.

Spring of Youth is also a small trek in the Diura fishing village. You will see a pool towards the end offering magnificent views of the sea.

Description: Batanes is the northernmost province of Philippines which is today a sorted tourist attraction in the country. For travelers planning a trip to the archipelagic region, here are the exciting things to do in Batanes.

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