3 Ways to Accept the New Styling Trend and Go Out with Perfection in Any Outfit

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Whether one accepts or not, but living with the mask is the new normal and just like we used to check keys, wallet, and phone as a necessity before heading out in the same manner we are reaching out to our masks these days. The change was very reluctant in the beginning but with time we realized the gravity of the surface and tensed the whole environment is.

This made us accept the mask with your daily routine and these days stepping out without it feels like we are missing something important plus you don’t want to do such mistakes when you are surrounded by a crowd in shopping malls, metros, or road crossing.

Wearing masks is made compulsory by the government and at many places, you could be charged with a hefty fine for violating this rule. But the rule doesn’t say that you have to stick to the simple surgical masks only which makes zero addition to your styling quotient and in fact, it does make you look pretty boring at some points.

There are new ways in the market where you customize your own face mask to uplift your outfit and style since this is the only way of reality we have to live in and there is nothing wrong in trying things more stylishly.

In various parts of the world, people have started coming out as the government eased down the lockdown restrictions, and all of a sudden the world around started looking different. Faces half-hidden in the masks and that too without their will.

It sounds pretty sad but the reality is what need to live in and the only thing which is in our hands is keeping our intent positive and look confident while going out to spread the happiness and lift the mood of those we will be meeting. This way we can make this world a happier and optimistic place during such a tough period.

No matter where you are headed whether it is a morning walk, going to the store to buy milk for the tea, heading to the office, or attending a small close friends party, the masks came down to be a mandatory part of our life and a great way to flaunt your style would be by making full use of custom face mask.

No doubt the disposable mask was the most feasible choice in this situation where you might be changing them after every day but things couldn’t get more boring when you were used to every single person carrying out the same blue mask look.

The custom design is the way to go since it will make you look steady and bright in the crowd while you are carrying a mask that is made right for you keeping in mind the right style, shape, size, and fabric as per your suitability.

Create The Right Combinations

It is very essential to carry such masks with the right combinations otherwise the whole purpose of using them would be a flop. Choose such designs or customize them based on your personality and style instead of blindly following some celeb whom you on social media pulling it off gracefully. Also, keep in mind the occasion and place you will be wearing them, the last thing you’d want is to go to the office in flashy printing masks.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Fabric

Your custom face mask will be like any other piece of cloth which will be staying right next to your skin for most of the day and keeping this in mind, you need to choose a fabric which is suitable for your skin and choice since the comfort should always be chosen first over the style.

Safety is important as well, make sure the mask is safe enough to beat the unwanted viruses from entering and always wash it off after a day of usage. The best idea would be to get a set of 5 to 7 masks so that when a few are being washed or misplaced you will have a backup ready to wear, go out and remain safe in a styled manner.

Fitting Is Must

Don’t leave it at the manufacturer to bring out the free size mask for you as it will be like taking chances with your safety.

Ensure that they ask for the face measurements or you could provide them with the same before headedly and demand a snug fit mask which will keep all the required openings close whereas providing ample air filtration so that you breathe freely while remaining safe from any type of unwanted viruses.

You can also put in if you have any kind of special requirements such as extra filters with the masks, or gripping hooks just in case you lose one.

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