6 Fundamentals Required to Embrace for a Successful Author Website

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Every Author, now may it be an amateur or experienced author in the current era requires a website of their own. A website is an essential element for an author as a part of their effective “Book Marketing Strategy”. It most certainly is imperative that the website is mobile-friendly while being visually professional and also that the website comprises of well-organized content.

A website is a marvelous medium that can be used to include initial information such as your Author Bio and Book Description while having the potential to even add additional content as per choice. This is done to create a website that meets and fits your needs. The reason to mention this is because mostly we professionals are asked with these 2 common questions that are How to create a Wikipedia page for your company? Or then “How to create a successful Author Website?”

Here are the 6 outlined fundamentals to embrace a successful Author Website:

Author Biography

Every author mostly is required to provide a short or lengthy bio on their website. It totally would depend on whatever suits them best. A lengthy bio would be added on your “About the Author” page. It would completely depend on you on would much detailed information you would prefer to add here. A short bio can be added on your “Homepage” with a “read more” link to the full bio. Consider the short bio as something that the media can simply pick up and run so it is important to ensure it is written in the voice of a third person. The lengthy bio is specifically targeted towards your reads and should be personalized and detailed.

Book Page

Each book on the author’s website should have its individual page. The book page should contain the Title, Lengthy Description, Publisher, Book Cover, Subtitle, and also if applicable to include the Series and the Series Number. You can also add info such as the ISBN, Page Count, Audio or Video Content if there is any. This place can also be used for you to provide an excerpt to download, view or then for book reviews as they get published. It is extremely important to link retailers where your books are available for sale or pre-order. In the US the trending and leading retailers are Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in Canada Indigo and Kobo are the key retailers. For other countries, it is important to research the leading local publishers to take assistance from them.

Mailing List Sign Up

Implementing a cloud-based service that can easily collect email addresses from your website would be a great help to your author website. Such a platform would provide you a form that would be added on your website. The signups from these forms are directly linked to your email list. Even if you are uncertain of what to do with these email addresses it is to your advantage to collect them for times when such that you decide to develop a newsletter or a book announcement that’s when surely you will be glad to have added them.


It is every author’s personal decision on whether they would want to add a blog on their author website or no. Though most marketers will recommend it as it is a helpful aid. A few tips to create an effective blog if you choose to add it to your author website. Write on what you know best, that is related to your book or that is in regards to topics that are knowledgeable. Stay Relevant, relating your blogs to current news events and use keywords that would improve your organic search volume. Create Traffic, by publicizing posts on Social Media to attract viewers to your website. And lastly which is most essential Stay Active by blogging at least once a week.

Media Page

A media page provides information that particularly for the media. A page that will consist of your author photo and book covers that are downloadable. It is recommended to add links to your online coverage or press material. Ensure to add a link to the contact page for the media to be able to easily approach you when interested.


A prime aspect to remember in regards to the content is to organize it well so that the website does not become overwhelming. An important manner to organize the content is by well assembling the menu so that there isn’t a jumble option in the main menu button. The best wat to overcome such and create an impressive display is by implementing a drop-down menu or sub-menus that will have additional info contained in it. Using Layers, Sub-Menus, and Menus will help the visitors to easily skim the surfaces and access more info easily. It is crucial to use platforms that scale with you so that you do not have to redesign the website for a new book that you write. It is very important to prepare for further possible growth even while launching the website.  

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