7 Amazing Ways you can Use Cookies at Home

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Cookies are a hot favorite among most people across the globe. In India, it is used for several purposes. Apart from using it as a tea time snack, people use it for gifting purposes too. Try to give it to your friends at a party and see the inmates going crazy!

So here are a few ways you can use cookies:

Greet Friends with Chocolate

Isn’t this an amazing idea? Everyone loves chocolates. So use a few packs of chocolate chips to welcome your guests in style. Many of the cookies are prepared from chocolate flavor deep and intense. Many are integrated with other flavors such as orange zest etc. to give a twist to the original flavor.

Tasty cookies in Delhi

Party Decoration

Rolled out cookies can make your party memorable forever! Ask your friends to come over and share cookie creations and creativity with them. This is definitely an amazing way to add your own unique touch to the menu you plan. Use cookie chips and flakes to decorate the party table. You can also pack cookies in varied attractive packages and add zest to the event. Get some center table ideas.

Gift for the Hostess

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a hostess, consider cookies. Get some gooey, chocolatey or buttery ones. You can customize the package with a special note. Some of the cookies are loaded with jams. Another option is cookies with a dusting of chopped pistachios. These can be teamed with a cup of tea or coffee. So next time you are invited to a party, don’t forget to show up with gifts.

House Party

Are you planning a house party? Having an assortment of amazing cookies can help you rock the party. Tasty cookies in Delhi can serve as conversation starters. Additionally, you can get these in a huge variety too.

Try displaying ones loaded with nuts, fruits, jellies, and cherries. Some of the other varieties such as besan khatai, crystallized version of cookies can help you to impress guests. Your guests will be more than impressed to see the same menu over and over again.

Office Parties

Looking forward to rock office party? Consider packing some of the pricey Kaju biscuits. These are loaded with one of the most delicious yet costly nuts – cashews! The nut makes this cookie special. Pricey cookies are a great way to impress the office team before holidays or at a casual get together. Apart from the boring and clichéd assortment of heavy unhealthy snacks, you may consider including lighter, healthier yet great to taste version of party munchies. Cookies can add life to any office party!

Christmas Cookies

Ask your little ones to please Santa with the yummiest variety of chocolate cookies or a better variety of nutty cookies. These cookies appeal everyone from kids to adults and old. For a sweeter kick, pack some jelly or fruit syrup-based cookies. Santa may keep an extra gift for these sweet favors! So let your kids learn to share with these delectable cookies.

Throw an Urbane Dinner Party

A bite of these yummy Kaju pista cookies in Delhi will rock your event. These are perfect for your classy dinner party. The soft yet crisp cookies can be easily stacked into smaller pillars or arranged into glasses or thin moulds to display a perfect gourmet platter for your guests. Kaju cookies also make for an excellent garnish for a unique dessert menu. Try using these to garnish ice creams instead of the regular waffle and watch your guests going ga-ga over the idea.

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