A Guide to Insert Your Coloured Contact Lenses Perfectly

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Thinking of getting a pair of coloured contact lenses? Not a bad idea indeed. I bet you have heard about all the great fashion benefits of using coloured contact lenses and no wonder people are crazy about using them all the time. They are the perfect tool for anyone, yes, for anyone.

Coloured contact lenses are just normal contact lenses. That must be news for you, right? If you are afraid about coloured lenses, then know this that coloured contact lenses are like any other contact lenses. The difference is that they have a coloured tint on them that has patterns, designs, and lines similar to that of our iris. Once we wear the coloured lenses on our eyes, they blend in with the colour of the eye and produce a much more defined colour. This colour looks beautiful and very natural.

This information would really make you want to buy coloured contact lenses. After all, no one would like to be left behind when it comes to the latest fashion trends. And if you thought that this was enough information for you then know this, there are special coloured lenses like the soloticahidrocor contact lenses, cosmetic contact lenses and the Halloween contact lenses for Cosplay and Halloween parties.

This makes them the hottest property in the market. But, before you buy, which you will of course, you would need to learn how to put them in perfectly in your eyes. For anyone new using coloured lenses would need to learn how to put in the contact lenses.

Below is the process of placing in the contact lenses step by step.

Buy the Best Product

The first thing you need to do is purchase the right coloured contact lenses for yourself. The most important part is getting the right lenses from a trusted online store or brand. This will help you get your hands on quality items as you cannot compromise on the quality of the product.

Secondly, you need to get the right lenses that would suit your eye colour, skin tone and hair colour. You cannot go out looking out of sorts. Find the right colour that would blend in with your eye colour.

Step By Step Put Your Coloured Contact Lenses In Your Eyes

This guide is for those who have bought coloured lenses for the first time and need help with placing in their coloured lenses.

Start with Clean Hands. Now that you have bought your coloured contact lenses and the time is ripe to use them. You need to first get your hands clean, use soap and warm water to thoroughly clean your hands. Once dried, only then you are ready to touch your coloured contacts. Cleanliness is very crucial as you are going to put your coloured lenses in your eyes, you cannot be careless.

Clean Your Lenses. New lenses are required to be cleaned by a solution for a few hours. So place them in the solution for a good 2-3 hours so that they are ready to be used.

Placing the Contact Lenses on your Hands. As your hands are clean and so are the lenses. Take out a lens and place on the tip of your index finger cup side up.

Hold the Eyelids. Second, you have to enlarge your eye so that you can place the lenses inside. For that you need to use your other hand to hold up the upper eyelid and hold down the lower eyelid. This will help you keep your eyes big enough to place in the lens.

Place in the Lens. Now comes the important part of placing the lens in your eyes. For that, you need to move your eyes to the side and then place the lens on the other side of the eye, on the white part of the eye. After placing the lens move your eye towards the lens and then start blinking to let the lens settle in.

Do a check. When you are certain that the lens has settled in perfectly, just check to be certain. Move your eyes here and there to check if there is any discomfort. If the lens is moving freely, you have done a good job. All that is left now is to follow the same steps with the second lens.

That was the step by step guide for putting in coloured contact lenses. It will help you effectively if you follow it right. Also make sure that you are not being too careless, wear your coloured lenses carefully. Do not share your coloured contact lenses with anyone nor sleep while wearing them. It will only result in damaging your eye health. Make sure to stay safe while enhancing your lifestyle.

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