Benefits of Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Online

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Hypnotherapy offers an extremely effective way to stop smoking, in October 1992 NewScientist reported results of the largest ever stop smoking survey carried out by the University of Iowa, the survey statistically combined the results of 600 studies and 72,000 people. Researchers found hypnosis to be the most effective treatment for people wanting to stop smoking permanently. 

Modern technology means stop smoking hypnotherapy is available to even more people, all that clients who want to permanently stop smoking need is a smartphone and a stable internet connection. Online sessions can be even more effective than visiting a therapist in person, in this post I am going to cover some of the benefits my online hypnotherapy clients are receiving when they work with me to improve their health, smell better and save money. 


  • Online clients need to schedule less time out of their day so therapy sessions can be fitted in around childcare and work commitments  – I find many smoking clients look for reasons not to stop smoking, many smokers perceive the habit as part of their identity.I used to find a common excuse was that clients would have to take time off work or travel a long distance to see me for their session, the time issue was a big part of my decision for switching to online therapy sessions, online clients have even been able to stop smoking in their lunch break.


  • Being in your own home means you can feel completely comfortable – Having the sessions online means many clients feel more comfortable during therapy sessions. Comfort can allow for deeper relaxation which can make the therapeutic effect even greater.


  • Online clients can stop smoking from anywhere – Smokers often associate their habit with their environment, many people who smoke find that they smoke less or even not at all when on holiday this is because they are not in an environment that they associate with smoking and they are not being exposed to any of the usual triggers that they associate with smoking. Common triggers for smokers can be coffee breaks at work or driving a car so taking some time away from those triggers after the therapy session can make it even more effective. Doing the therapy session online means clients can stop smoking from their hotel rooms while on holiday in an environment they don’t associate with smoking and none of those triggers. 


How to ensure your online stop smoking session is a success

Stop smoking hypnotherapists usually offer a one session package, I do things a little differently, I give clients access to my Facebook group with lots of tips and tricks to help them before the session itself. I find stop smoking hypnotherapy works best for people who really want to stop smoking if you are someone who really wants to stop wasting your money and destroying your health the following tips will help you get the most from your online session. 

  • Consider yourself a non-smoker – I tell all clients that after the session they are to consider themselves as non-smokers not ex-smokers or people that used to smoke the reason for this is that an ex-smoker always has the option to smoke again but a non-smoker doesn’t, they have a completely different mindset.  


  • Don’t try to quit smoking, what are you giving up? – In Star, Wars Yoda says, “either do or don’t, there is no try” trying to do something implies failure. Giving up and quitting have negative associations if we give something up it suggests we are losing in some way, quitters are never seen in a positive light. Don’t try to quit or give up, consider yourself as a non-smoker, someone who doesn’t smoke. 


  • Throw away all smoking paraphernalia – On the day of the session, I tell clients to have their last cigarette and throw away any remaining in the packet, any ashtrays or lighters. 


What do you need to ensure therapy is successful and goes smoothly?

Any Smartphone should be perfectly adequate for your stop smoking therapy session, a Smartphone with the Facebook app is also perfectly adequate for accessing the Facebook group. If you have a laptop or desktop with a webcam and are able to sit somewhere that I can see your upper body the therapy session will be even better.

One thought on “Benefits of Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Online

  • January 30, 2020 at 3:21 pm

    After 4 months I cannot understand why I was smoking in the first place! I started to smoke 10 years ago, most of the time it was not more than 5 cigarettes a day. But two years ago I was smoking every hour, which gave me 12+ cigarettes a day. When I realized this, I thought that I have to stop! I read a book by Robert Jenkin and thanks to it I was able to get free 🙂


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