Best Graphics Card Under 20000

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Hello and welcome today I want to show you guys. What I think are the best gaming graphics cards under 20000 rupees.

So this article is going to be specifically covering the Gtx 1650 super, Gtx 1660 super, AMD RX 2500 xt 4 gigabytes since these are such popular cards right now.

So if you enjoy budget PC gaming tech then I’m not forcing you to do it.

What we’re here for we’re here to get you the most bang for your buck for PC gaming in the year 2020 and maybe as a little incentive.

 I am thinking about making an article just like this before the mid-range of graphics cards like 5600 XT RT X 2060 RT X 2060 super RX 5700 and Rx 5700 XT.

Top 5 graphics card under 20000

According to my hardware survey along with the RX 580 a gigabyte and RX 570 a gigabyte graphics cards all in one big gaming comparison article when we look at their gaming benchmarks and their value analysis and ultimately decide.

These are the best graphics cards for you for your next or current gaming pc and once these benchmarks all finish I’ll get to my the concluding point on.

Which graphics cards I think you should consider . Which ones to avoid and maybe.Which ones to rethink maybe possibly reconsider your preconceived notions on how fast your cards are actually right now in 2020.

So with all that said here are the benchmarks and then afterwards, I’ll give my final conclusions on each car.

So I hope you enjoyed the benchmarks and with that said let’s go ahead and get right into I think is the best graphics card to buy for under 20000.

GTX 1650 super graphics card under 20000

This is GTX 1650 super now I like this card because it’s a hundred and seventy dollars on average but you can actually find them for as low as a hundred and sixty dollars on Newegg on Amazon.

So I only took the average for those frames per dollar analysis.

So realistically you can actually get a better deal on the 1650 super if you can snag one for the price under 20000 and the gaming performance you’re getting I think it’s quite deliverable especially.

GTX 1650 best graphics card under 15000.

If the PC games are gonna be playing aren’t gonna be the highest and triple-a titles like cyberpunk 2077 coming out this September.

If you’re just a basic PC gamer and you’re gonna be running fort Nutt apex pub gee and call a duty war zone then yeah 1650 super will do you a good job.

But if you have a finer taste in PC gaming like you actually want to utilize the gaming PC for a more immersive gaming experience with better graphics better user input and more immersive experience.

Rx 5500 XT graphics card under 20000

I would actually consider the RX 5500 xt 8-gigabyte card now funny enough this card actually had a really bad launch because the drivers were whacked and the value was bad

Its MSRP was two hundred and ten dollars but now six months later you can actually find them for as low as 15000 like this XFX card that.

I was playing with earlier and actually when it comes to its gaming performance I think if slots quite comfortably between the GTX 1650 super and 

GTX 1660 super graphics card

GTX 1660 super and previously as you can tell it beats the RX 580 a can go by card by quite a lot.

So I think the card has finally found its place being at 15000 and I think it might actually be a card to look forward to because considering how popular Nvidia cards I read are right now especially considering how low they are in stock.

I think this random darkhorse card the 5500 XT and gigabyte could be on the market for quite a while for a low price since nobody’s buying them up because that like I said it had such a bad launch at the start and now actually, let’s talk about the card to avoid.

Which is its little brother the 5500 XT four gigabyte and unfortunately despite having the same V RAM as the 1650 super it just pooped when it came to 1440p gaming and as far as 10 DB gaming goes I think he just had lacklustre value especially when compared to the cheaper its GTX 1650 super.

RX 580 graphics card

 If you’re considering the RX 580 and 570 I would only get them used because as you can tell the 580 is lacking behind the GTX 1650 super even the 4-gigabyte model.

Which means for only being just a few dollars more it’s better than the 580 brand-new.

So I would obviously get that card used and I mean why not go ahead and get a used one for the 5 sandy B because these two cards that you see right here I got actually used on eBay.

Rx 570 graphics card

So the 570 I got used for a hundred and ten dollars with shipping and the 580 I got used for a hundred and forty dollars with shipping.

So pretty awesome deals and that’s where you’re gonna really squeeze the most value out of these cards since there are such popular cards.

So if you are considering those two I would only get them used getting them new I mean it’s only worth it for the 570 and definitely not worth it the 580.

But again going with those used come with a few caveats possibly being one there is no warranty on the cards two having some sort of possible problems that the seller is not willing to tell you because they just want to get it off their hands for a cheap price.

So there is a little bit of speculation that and three the cards themselves are used.

So there could be some dust and some buildup in some of those cards that. Which you may have to clean it yourself but if you’re ok with all those and you’re buying from a reputable seller you can still get some great value out of these cards.

Which basically came out in 2016? This is really awesome to see from budget AMD graphics cards and with all that said that is my graphics card guide for under 20000 for 2020. So if you enjoy. Feel free to share.

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