Goldstar Heat Pumps Offers FREE On-Site Consultation for Any Heat Pump Needs in Hamilton

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Goldstar Heat Pumps, Heat Pump Specialists in Hamilton is offering FREE on-site consultation regarding heat pump purchase and installation. It supplies and installs various reputed brands of heat pumps including Fujitsu and Mitsubishi.

Heat pumps are the most efficient and effective source of heating available in New Zealand. Heat pumps extract the heat from air outside and transfer that heat inside to heat rooms, and they can also be used to heat hot water efficiently. A heat pump system will be a lot cheaper to run than traditional oil, electric, or other fossil fuel systems. For every unit of electricity used to power the heat pump typically three or more units of heat are provided for houses, offices, or commercial premises.

“Heat pumps are a very powerful and efficient method to heat a home. Heat pumps have low running costs and can heat a room very quickly. There are still too many homes without a heat pump, or only one heat pump.  So we look forward to providing efficient heating systems for years to come,” said Evan Chatfield, owner of Goldstar Heat Pumps.

“When requested for free on-site consultation, our heat pump experts will come to your home or office and assesses the area you need the heat pump to install and give you the recommendation of the best heat pumps that will suit your needs” he added.

About Goldstar Heat Pumps

Goldstar Heat Pumps are Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Specialists based in Hamilton and Auckland. The company supplies and installs New Zealand’s leading Heat Pump / Air Conditioning brands, including Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Electric.  It is the #1 dealer of Fujitsu Heat Pumps in Hamilton and also provides heat pump and air conditioning advice and installation for free of cost.

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