Style Your Home with Unique & Affordable Custom Decorative Glass

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Glass is being used for almost 4000 years for various purposes like shielding without blocking views and in different ways of decorating places and things. The glass’s beauty is further enhanced with unique patterns and vibrant colors, which also plays a crucial role in creating an opaque barrier. Custom decorative glasses are one of the best decorating glass that is now in much trend and fashion.

Custom decorative glass has found its way into the homes, kitchens, bathrooms, and dining space in the form of windows and partitions. They are also used for many decorative purposes as in lamps and chandeliers, showpieces, crockery, jewelry, and even in tableware. They are also used for a wide array of craft projects and also offer multiple gifting options. Nowadays, interior designers are coming with unique designs and patterns and provide various options to work with the glass and colors.  Also, the maintenance of glass partitions and decorations are minimal, except for their brittle nature.

A  Glace at Custom Decorative Glass

The addition of custom decorative glass in architecture has led to an astonishing array of designing options. This decorative glass gives designers the chance to add color to projects, diffuse light, disperse solar heat, and print images on panels. Custom decorative glass is also changeable. It can be backlit for striking variety, or patterned for privacy or light at the same time.

With the contemporary development of the glass industry, more and more opportunities come to designers and enthusiasts that offers them a credible approach to work with their minds. This amazing medium becomes a decoration of the interior while becoming the functional element to carry the aesthetic value. So many elements in buildings can be made from it – walls, stairs, ceilings, and railings. Your thought and vision are the things that only can stop you from using your favorite medium to enhance your home the way you want it.

Applications of Custom Decorative Glass

Internal use

  • partitions
  • Worktop
  • Balustrades
  • splashbacks
  • Doors and sidelight inserts
  • Public art.‎
  • Floors

External use

  • vitrines‎
  • Façade
  • windows


  • printing contained inside the laminated glass
  • Image detail and high color density.‎
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible to a range of interlayers: TPU, PVB, EVA.‎
  • Excellent durability to moisture, vandalism, color fade for the laminated versions and humidity.

The Axolotl FL processes custom decorative glass incredibly with high ink saturation that provides excellent vibrancy, smooth gradients, and continuous tones to the beautiful art piece. It is one of the best stores you will find online that offer custom decorative glass at an unbeatable price.

Custom decorative glass blocks are available in the market, both online and offline. These are pre-designed or custom-made glass with a complete glass fusion process, which ensures that the designs cannot be scraped off. The patterns and designs range from exclusive designer creation to simple ways.

The custom decorative glass is getting popular because of their unique designs and superb stylish looks. As they demand minimal maintenance, they are more preferred compared to other materials. These custom decorative glasses are an amazing way to enhance your home’s look without affecting your pocket much. This also adds an aesthetic value to your home and offers an eye-catching and impressive outlook to your home. It is a must-have if you are an interior creation enthusiast.

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