Post Summer Home Improvement Step You Need to Take

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Once the summers are gone it is best to start the rituals to bid goodbye to your AC during the fall so that you can take optimum care of it. This period allows you to unload, properly cover, and place your air conditioning Sydney in a safe area where it can rest until the next summer demands for it.

Although storing your window air conditioner may sound like a long and tricky process but we assure you that by doing so, you are saving yourself a lot on the utility and unnecessary bills along with keeping it in premium shape for the next season. You might be wondering why are we talking about utility bills and how is all that possible. Read on to find it out:

What Steps Should You Take For Storing Air Conditioners

First things first, let’s get to know what steps you need to take before going for the storage of your air conditioner, and then we will talk about what and how you should put it in the storage:

Initial Check On AC

Since the whole process will be done mostly by you, it is better to make some plans and process steps. Check on your tools and ensure that they will get the job done, few basics are a screwdriver, pliers, and multiple wrenches.

You can also call over a friend or colleague to help you out with this removal and storage process since lifting heavy air conditioners are tough and you have to make sure you lift and carry it around with ease and no such physical pain won’t occur out of this.

Ensure that safety is still your utmost priority and before getting started take out all the plugs of your air conditioner from the socket and then proceed accordingly. Always keep the area where you will be cleaning the AC clean and no open wires or hazardous items are around there.

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Take Out The System

Since we have mentioned in the above point that these systems are quite heavy and you cannot afford to drop them which may cause serious damage to the equipment especially if you have done the ducted air conditioning Sydney installation.

It is always a better idea to get in touch with someone in your circle who could help you with this and you will not be doing this all alone. If you put on any sealant around the edges of your window AC, get it removed with gentle hands and then take out the system and keep in a space mentioned for it.

Be sure it is well caught from every side so that it won’t fall and this is where your friend might turn out to be your greatest savior. When your system is loose enough to pull it out, then simply put it away on the opposite side of you and your friends, give a tilt so that any residual water placed in the drip tray falls out.

After keeping all the things in mind, give it a last pull so that it can come out completely and you can close back your window immediately. Make sure to cover the open parts of the air conditioner with a clean cloth immediately so that no dust can get inside. Following these steps will help in taking down the air conditioner safely.

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Wash Your System Completely

Now that you have taken it out safely, don’t rush into storing that without giving a good wash since the dirt on it can damage the parts of it. Make sure to give it a good check whether there is any water storage or not in the drip trays since leaving it without making dry will build up a lot of mold and fungus.

It is the most important part before storing the system and you should never skip on it while putting it away in the winters. Start by putting it under running water, bring a gentle brush, and get rid of all the dirt and dust. Make a solution from light soap or washing gel to remove the tough stains. Rinse it off with the water again before leaving it to dry.

Start The Packing

After you system is fully dried up and you made sure that there is no water left, it is time to wrap it completely using an ac cover which you can get in the nearby market or online and can also add an extra layer of soft clothing on it for better protection against any dust or insects which would love to settle in your dear air conditioner.

Once the packing is completely done, you can now store your system in a moisture-free area so that bacteria and algae can stay away from it which will be a tough task later on while you get on to remove them.

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