5 Car Gadgets that Make Your Life Safe

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XIAOMI Vivinevo Car Air Freshener

Enjoying fresh fragrance while driving your will definitely change your mood the prochain electronic air freshener from XIAOMI. A device that will purify the air and provide you with an aromatic atmosphere while you are at home or on your car. This air freshener uses essential oil and plant granules which will create a beautiful fragrance for you to enjoy in any season while driving. It is equipped with sensors that will automatically understand whether you are using it at home or in your car. If you are in the car it will automatically switch to car mode and if you are at home if you switch to home mode. This electronic air freshener is powered by a 650 million per hour polymer lithium battery which provides backup depending on the mode. You are using in-car mode it can provide backup for half a year and in-home mode it can provide backup for up to 120 hours. If you are looking for a smart air freshener to use in your car then the prochain air freshener from XIAOMI can be a great device for you.


Any kind of car-related information can be helpful especially when you are on the road penalty is here to give you important information regarding your car and the road ahead. The LC is a smart device that monitors your vehicle’s health constantly and alerts you when something needs your attention. So that little things doesn’t turn out to be a big problem. You can easily get important information about the road from an official mobile app or through smart assistants like Alexa and Google home. Bouncie communicates with an internal treated cell connection which allows it to give your real-time tracking sites. It notifies you whenever you need to accelerate or stop so that you can make better decisions while on the road. Bouncie also acts like a car monitoring device and alerts you on the smartphone app whenever to detects any problem. You can also check the complete history of each alert so that you can review it and taking a survey caution. If you are looking for a smart device to use in your car then you should go for Bouncie.

Nonda ZUS Tire Safety Monitor

Having low pressure in your car tires can hamper your engine performance and give you low mileage Nonda ZUS a smart tire safety monitor to ensure your car tire safety. It comes with 4 screw-on valve cap advanced German sensors that monitor both tire pressure and temperature in real-time and sends this data to your smartphone to inform you. This tire monitor is able to detect slow leaks with its proprietary accurate temp algorithm. It analyzes pressure and temperature data over time and alerts you to show any slow leaks. The Nonda ZUS comes with a smartphone app that lets you monitor all four wheels of your car individually to ensure tire pressure and safety. If you are looking for a smart tire safety monitor that can help you maintain tire pressure and your safety then the Nonda ZUS smart tire safety monitor is the right choice for you.


Phone usage while driving leads to one point six million crashes each year in the United States that is why you will need Hudley and an innovative heads-up display that replaces your smartphone while driving and lets you focus on the road ahead. It comes with a 6.2-inch high-resolution display with an optical great coating that enhances colors and contrast making it easier for you to see while driving. The Hudly has Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to connect your smartphone with this device and attend your calls texts and notifications from the device while keeping your eyes on the road. This heads-up display has built-in speakers that let you hear directions and notifications in HD clarity. Thus making your driving experience through heavy traffic convenient. You can power up the device through the 12-volt cigarette lighter port you can also charge your smartphone via this device on the go after watching the movie on Movie Hustle. If you are looking for a perfect heads-up display that can make your driving experience convenient and safe then the Hudly wireless is the right choice for you.

Garmin DriveSmart 65

Driving without proper GPS navigation system can be a hassle on our busy roads that’s why you need Garmin DriveSmart 65 a GPS navigation system built to make your everyday car ride convenient. It comes with a voice-activated navigation system that lets you control this device with just your voice command while keeping your eyes on the road. The DriveSmart comes with Garmin real directions landmark and millions of foursquare points of interest which shows you the accurate way and show popular food and fuel station on your way to the destination. The DriveSmart 65 features a 7-inch TFT display that displays crystal-clear directions that provides a convenient driving experience. This device can also suggest alternative paths if the road is jam-packed. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity that lets you have voice conversation without your smartphone and Wi-Fi connectivity which allows the device to upgrade its firmware.

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