Colorful Floral curtains ideas for the year 2020

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A new year is here, get ready to transform the look of your house. Be funky and do something that’s different. Well, start this transformation by changing the curtains. Replace your dull and boring curtains with vibrant and colorful floral curtains. Some may tell you that, these floral curtains are not in fashion anymore, don’t use them, go for the plain or patterned curtains. Don’t pay attention, listen to your heart, it’s your place, your entity if you want your place look more colorful and give a floral look go ahead, buy these curtains and just hang them straight away… after all it’s you who set the trend!

Floral curtains can make your place look completely different making it brighter and creating boldness.

Color combination for floral curtains

Have a look at these trending combinations of 2020 to create a perfect look:

  • Ivory and green floral curtains
  • Green and orange floral print on a white background
  • Pink and off white layered floral curtains
  • Blue, red and white floral printed curtains
  • Pink pleated floral curtains
  • Blue and white floral curtains
  • Pink and orange floral curtains
  • Black and red floral curtains 

Perfect shades and prints according to the season

It is preferable to select the shades with respect to the season. We recommend you to use light and bright colors and prints for the summer season, as they create a soothing effect and give your interior a shining look. You should use a lining in order to block the heat coming in. For the winter season, use darker curtains preferably the blackout curtains to maintain the temperature of your place. Layered floral can also be used with blackout lining specifically for this purpose.

It is all about your choice and preference choose the shade you want irrespective of what trends suggest…

Accessories for floral curtains

Floral curtains look more beautiful when accessorized in a right way. You can use fancy tiebacks, railings, designed rods and rings, other embellishments and laces for this purpose. You can use a tie back and a chain to tie the curtain, a metal colored tieback will be more suitable because of its lustrous effect. Handles of different shaped for hanging these tie backs are also commonly used these days. The lace at the edges of curtain gives it a neatly finished look. French embodied laces, edge laces, and crocheted lace are commonly used.  Also you can buy crushed velvet curtains at our official website.

Do’s and don’ts

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts. Let’s have a look:


  • Go for layered floral curtains. Each layer of different design and color but be careful of the color scheme, it must create a vibrant effect.
  • Hang the floral curtain inside of the window panel to avoid the color fading and create fullness.
  • Buy the curtains long enough to touch the floor or hover about 1-2 inches about.
  • Make sure that the floral print complements the interior of your room.
  • For double curtains, the curtain at the backside should have brighter and larger floral print and the one on front should be of a light weight and plain fabric thin enough to make the print of other curtain more visible. Thus by creating a classy look.
  • Hang the curtains high and wide. Hanging your curtain about 10-12 inches higher than the window will make your place look more spacious and wider. You can also hang the curtain straight from the ceiling and extending the rod 4-5 inches wider from both sides to create fullness and spacious look.


  • Do not go overboard. Do not add a lot of colors and mixed prints in layers. Avoid putting lot of fabric, it’ll create a fuss only rather than making your place look classy.
  • Do not go for printed blinds with floral curtains.
  • Do not hang this curtain right above the window or door.
  • Do not use the same floral prints for whole house, go for different prints for each room instead.
  • Don’t skimp on flat panel, use wider and thick floral curtain to enhance the look.
  • Do not use floral printed curtains the walls have floral wallpaper or print on them.

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