How to Decorate Mantel Clocks in Your Home?

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Mantel clocks are timeless pieces that showcase elegance and style. Apart from timekeeping, these are widely used as home decor. As the name suggests, these clocks look the best when place upon a home’s mantel or on any other type of shelf. With intrigue and captivating designs, mantel clocks beautifully display the ageless workmanship that goes into creating them and adorn your home with their presence.

The best part is you can easily find one’s ages-old clock perfectly working today as they last for almost a lifetime if maintained well.

So if you have a mantel clock, then it time that you know how to style it in the right way by going through the ways mentioned below. Read the tips as it will help you understand basic home styling concepts.

Style your mantel clock 

A mantel clock is a great piece to enhance your room. The clock is usually placed on a mantel so that it becomes the focal point of the place. However, decorating a mantel clock is not that simple because as you need to consider a lot of aspects that surround it.

Below we have listed some simple ideas that will give you an insight into the right ways of styling your mantel clock, creating a big statement without overwhelming the narrow ledge.

Make it the focal piece  

Make your mantel clock the anchor piece. This means that you need to place your clock over a mantel or a shelf as the only piece. You can add one or two add-ons for a casual look, but make sure that the clock looks distinct and is oversized.

Another thing to consider is that you need to get the size of this piece right. The best thing is to choose your mantel clock that is half to two-thirds of the shelf’s width.

The height of the timekeeper will depend on your roof height. For instance, if your ceiling is not too high and the shelf that you are considering placing your clock on is wide, then make sure that the clock is not too tall.

Choose a large, interesting mantel clock 

To make the mantel clock look evident and not cluttered by other decors, you should get a large clock. It can be as big enough to make the shelf look fuller. A small clock with a lot of other items might make the place look cluttered.

Less is more 

Simplicity is the key when it comes to decorating your mantel clock. Again, for this, just your simple mantel clocks will look better than tons of other smaller decors.

To decorate, start by placing your mantel clock that can be a striking piece in your room. Flank your clock with matching decors, such as a pair of vases, stick lamps, or lanterns.

Group objects in odd numbers with your clock 

If you want to add more items around your clock, make sure you place them in odd numbers. Decorative objects, along with the mantel clock, always resemble great when arranged in odd numbers. Try to display at least two other decors with your clock to make it look the best. A decorative sphere or a tall vase works together with your timekeeper because they will be of varying heights and dimensions.

Break the symmetry when decorating 

For those who are planning to keep the mental clock over the fireplace, it will be great if you go with symmetrical looks. But, if you want to place the mental clock in your bedroom or living room over a shelf, then try to break the symmetry. This will give your room a unique edge, making it look more alluring.

So, instead of matching lanterns or flower vases on each side, go for a later on one side and a vase on the other. This will give a visually balanced feel, yet breaking the conventional symmetric style.7.

Create clusters, not lines 

If you want to add more things around your large mantel clock and make the shelf look fuller, remember not to line up the objects. To give a dimension, assemble all the pieces together by placing one in front of the others. Also, to make this look good, choose objects with diameters less than half of the length of the shelf. Since your mantel clock is the principal object, try to gather other decors around it.

Don’t overlook the space above the mental clock 

This can be considered as the most important tip for decorating your mental clock. It is never just about filling the space beside your clock; it also about making the vertical space look good.

To make the space above your mental clock more filled, first, choose an appropriately sized piece. After which, check the decor setting on the shelf, as the items that are mounted need to bridge the gap between the objects placed on the shelf.

Also, the pieces that you place on the shelf should not be taller than the decor piece on the wall. The decor mounted on the wall should not be overpoweringly large that it fades the essence of your mantel clock.

The Bottom Line 

The concept of decorating mantel clocks has become increasingly popular in recent times. Not just these clocks look beautiful and are traditionally alluring; they keep count of the time in the most precise way. You can style your clock in various methods – from getting an oversized mantel clock to adorning it with other small decor pieces. Our above list of ideas will enable you to furnish your space with a beautiful mantel clock in the best possible way!

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