Do Stress Balls Work? Know Everything About Them!

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At this age, it is not an unknown issue for people to become stressed. You can even get stressed while simply driving down the lane. Not to forget, you need to add your work, relationship issues, and other problems to it. This makes your stress level go through the roof or maybe above that.

Dealing with these endless problems can be difficult, and the inability to manage your stress makes it even harder. The regular pile-up of tension can have serious and adverse effects on one’s health. Hence, it is important to look for ways to persist with it. This is where stress balls can help you!

Stress balls might seem like toys, but they are much more than that. You can hold these squishy balls in your hand and relieve your stress that has been piled up all day. In simple words, you can say that it is a safe distraction from your life’s challenges, reducing tension to an unimaginable extent. It is not just about stress; there is much more to these small and simple balls.

A Quick Introduction about Stress Balls 

Stress balls are one of the most versatile things that you will find almost everywhere – from trade shows to hospitals or simply lying at one of the corners in your house. But before understanding what these balls offer to you, it is important to comprehend the concept behind them.

The modern stress ball was made by TV writer Alex Carswell. The notion came to his mind when he threw a pen in his office out of frustration. After which, he thought how great it would be for office workers to have a spongy ball that they can toss around safely, without breaking anything. And eventually, Carswell’s product hit the market, creating a wave that has been in the industry for quite a while.

Since then, it has been centuries that these balls have emerged as a stress reliever, which has gone through a lot of revolution.

With the amalgamation of medical research, these squishy balls have proved to be of the greatest significance for those with hand mobility issues.

Types of Stress Ball 

With each passing day, new types of stress balls are invented, which are instantly made available in the market. The most interesting part is that some of them are not even ball-shaped at all. So you can say that there are a ton of custom forms when it comes to customized stress balls.

The most widely used form of stress ball is foam stress balls. These are highly popular among corporate freebies.

Apart from this, you will also find stress balls made from gel, silicone, “water beads,” and even the store-cupboard staple corn flour. They might be produced from different materials, but the basic concept of all the balls are the same.

Another thing that you need to know is that there are solid stress balls available in the market that come in pairs. These are specially meant to be rolled in hand rather than simply squeezed.

Benefits of Stress Balls

So, now that you have an understanding of the basic functionality of a stress ball and how they were invented, it is time for you to comprehend how and why they are advantageous for you.

It might be a new thing for you to know that the benefits of a stress ball are great. This is why people need to get past the thought of it being a silly toy for kids. They need to accept that a stress ball is something that can enhance the quality of life.

Below we have made a list of some of the most common benefits that you can avail from a stress ball –

Physical Therapy 

These squishy balls are recommended by doctors and physiotherapists to strengthen your arm and wrist muscles. Whether it is because of some injury or you are simply starting to feel weakness due to age, squeezing a stress ball daily at various intervals will help you regain your muscle strength again. These balls can also be effective for children in building as well as strengthening muscles.

Reduced Stress 

The best way to improve the quality of your life is by lessening your stress. This helps to keep your heart healthy, with lower chances of developing stress-induced health issues. Along with this, using a stress ball to reduce tension can improve your sleep patterns.

Stimulate Nerves 

With the use of a stress ball, you can utilize the muscles that are connected to nerves that head up to the limbic region of your brain. The area is considered to be an emotional part of the brain, influencing some of the most crucial actions. The entire mechanism works somewhat like acupressure, where the stimulation helps another area of the body to work.

Distraction Device 

For adults, stress balls can distract them from troublesome situations that are difficult, anxious, or overwhelming. When it comes to kids with sensory issues, this small and simple thing can be advantageous to redirect their focus and avoid meltdowns.

Rehabilitation Exercise 

The subtle movement of squeezing a stress ball can assist in rehabilitating your hand and enhancing grip strength. There is various renowned orthopedics who recommend this as the best way to regain the strength of arms.

The simplest and most effective exercise to do this is to hold the ball in your palm and squeeze it as tight as possible and then release. Do this exercise thrice in sets with ten repetitions. If the doctor or therapist instructs to exercise in a specific way, then it is important to follow the guidelines to ensure complete effectiveness.

Another way to exercise is to place the ball on a table and press the fingers into it. People can also utilize stress balls for feet and toes. For which, the ball needs to be placed on a floor, and the toes have to be curled into it, or the ball needs to be pushed by the feet.

Marketing Product 

A little customization with the stress balls can work out to be an excellent idea for the marketing and promotion of any brand or thought. Established businesses imprint their company name and tagline on the stress ball that they distribute among their customers as a giveaway. This not only makes the buyers happy and feel a connection with the seller, but it will also improve brand awareness.

Creative Fun 

Have you ever tried making a stress ball yourself using a balloon and flour or other stuff available in your home? Trust me; it is one of the most creative and fun activities you can do with your kids. Plus, this saves you money buying a stress ball.

Do stress balls actually work?

This is one of the most common questions that people ask when they consider buying a stress ball. Well, you need to understand that the answer depends on your requirements. But most often, the answer is YES!

For people who are looking for a cure to their serious and chronic stress, these simple balls cannot be a magic spell. However, using it for a long time can show some improvements. Stress experts claim that the release of energy is extremely effective to release adrenaline built up that gets produced from the stress response.

Movement is a way by which you can release your mental and physical tension. Even a small and subtle action activates your muscles. It can also break your mind out of negative thinking, concentrating on other stuff.

Stress balls are extremely convenient to bring relief wherever and whenever there is a need. The most effective place where it can be used is at any workplace. Whenever people feel like they are getting stressed, they take the stress ball and start squeezing it. Focusing on the movements of the hands for a few minutes results in a release of tension.

The Bottom Line 

A stress ball is probably the most convenient and effective thing to relieve stress quickly. Not just does it easily lessen your tensions, but it assists in greatly improving the mood. People who regularly use stress balls develop the overall well-being of the body as well as the mind. They might eventually experience a change in their lifestyle, with decreased anxiety levels.

While there are endless reasons that people should use a stress ball, their advantages are not very clear to everyone. People still wonder if these small and simple balls can do something good for their health. The best thing is that people can use it whenever they want, without getting distracted from what they are doing as the ball is designed to fit perfectly in the palm. Additionally, it does not make any noise!


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