Learn Motorcycle Riding: Best Approaches to Improve Riding

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One of the common questions that every new rider has is how long it would take to learn how to ride a motorcycle? Also, what are the best approaches that need to be considered while learning? Honestly, there isn’t an exact time period for becoming a proper rider, as you always need to enhance your skills. However, there are some approaches that you can follow to make the entire process a bit easier and quicker. In this post, we will discuss it so that you get a clearer picture of the entire concept!

Every rider has a different mindset and distinct expertise, which is directly related to the ability to learn to ride a bike. From controlling the vehicle to learning the basics, it can take a week for some while a few months for others. However, it is important to understand that if you are determined to achieve what you aspire, then you will definitely be able to learn at last.

Things that are Important to become a Successful Bike Rider 

While riding a bike, you need to have an understanding of a few concepts. These are the basic aspects that every rider needs to comprehend, and this is what the motorcycle rider education course also focuses on.


Balancing is all about being able to sit properly on the bike without the support of your legs touching the ground. You can learn from your friends, family or you can seek help from experts of any motorcycle rider education course. Just make sure that you have someone beside you to help you out.

Start with sitting properly on the bike and try to keep the handle steady and straight without starting the motorcycle. When you are done with it, you can move to the next step, which is learning the operation of controls.

The Controls 

You need to focus on various controls that are involved with operating a bike. From the kickstand, throttle, and gear to the front brake, clutch, and lights, it is important to have a look at all the operating aspects with in depth knowledge of its functions.

For this, it is recommended to join a motorcycle rider education course so that the experts can help you with learning the basics in the most convenient way.

Proper Navigation 

In the beginning, you need to ride your motorcycle in a traffic-less environment to ensure complete safety of yourself as well as people on the road. A playground or a training center are the ideal places to get started. Also, before jumping to this step, make sure you have enough knowledge and proper command over the control of your bike. To enhance your skills, you can also opt for various obstacles in the path. This will support you in learning the turns properly. You can also practice using the brakes.

Looking at both sides of the road is one of the most important things that every rider needs to consider while crossing it. Additionally, use the mirrors to check the traffic behind you. Have a good understanding of how to use the indicators properly.

The basic concept of learning motorcycle riding is to practice it on a daily basis. With each passing day, you will learn something new that will improve your skills. Also, never ignore the importance of safety gear and driving rules, even if there is someone besides you to look after.

Best ways to improve your motorcycle riding skills 

Improving bike riding skills is a lifelong process that needs to be considered seriously. No matter how good your riding capabilities are, there is always room for improvement. You can do your practice on a regular basis to ensure the complete safety of yourself as those surrounding you. Hence, understand the fact that every day is a perfect opportunity to practice.

However, you need to have access to some great resources and an understanding of some approaches to make the entire practicing process a lot easier and fruitful. These aspects can help you come out as a better rider with time.

Below we have made a list of some of the best advice to improve your motorcycle riding skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, this guide will definitely work for you!

Ideal place to practice motorcycle riding 

If you want to practice slow-speed handling, then it is the right choice to do it in a large open space with no obstacles or parked vehicles. On the other hand, for practicing braking and shifting, you need to look for a place that is a combination of in-town and highways.

No matter what you are working on or what are the places you are choosing for your practice, you always need to wear the right safety gear to ensure complete protection.

Maintaining proper distance 

One thing that every rider needs to learn is maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles. Try to keep a 2-seconds minimum (or more, if possible) distance between you and others. When it comes to curves or intersections, make it a 4-seconds distance rule. Furthermore, check if you can have a look at the upcoming hazards such as potholes, etc.

Always lookout for the signs 

You might have seen various kinds of signs, which are representations of something, at various points while riding on a road. You can also consider traffic signs. These symbols are important to be considered because they are for the security and safety of the people on the road. Overlooking these can end up with accidents or any other mishaps that you would not ever want to experience.


To improve your motorcycle riding skills, you need to focus on braking while practicing. Look for an open space to practice applying brakes to experience the pressure and how it works. This way, it would be easier for you to comprehend when to use the brakes while riding a motorcycle. Also, try to use and practice both the brake lever as well as the rear brake.


Many riders just have experience in driving in a straight line. However, it is the truth that most of the accidents occur in turns and curves. Therefore, while practicing, look for a nice curvy two-lane road that can help you improve your skills. Slow down when you see a curve ahead; riding too fast can push you out of the curve. Also, one thing that you need to do is lean into the turn and keep your feet planted, squeezing the tank with your knees.

Slow speed riding 

Many riders are not comfortable when they are asked to drive slow. Riding slowly in turns and curves is fine, but the weight of the motorcycle combined with uneven terrain can result in loose footing and crash. Hence, you have to work on riding slowly and handling your vehicle in different circumstances. With practice, you will have a hold of it and get muscle memory.

Enroll in motorcycle rider education course 

Learning to ride a motorcycle from experts can help you know the basics as well as the fundamentals of safe riding. The motorcycle rider education courses are the best place where you can get in touch with riders who have years of experience in unpleasant conditions. They can guide you through the entire process and provide you with tips and tricks that work the best in extreme situations.


Focusing on shifting is an important motorcycle skill that needs to be practiced. To enhance this skill, you need to look for a place with a lot of stop signs. This will make you upshift to accelerate and downshift to stop. If you are smooth with these in plain, then look for some hilly areas to practice the drills. It might be a bit difficult there!

The bottom line: Practice makes a bike rider perfect!

Motorcycle riding is an easy process. However, enhancing skills is a bit trickier. You have to constantly work on it to ensure the complete safety of everyone around you. Constantly practicing can ensure to improve your skills, gaining muscle memories that will work in case of emergencies.

While this might not be the ultimate comprehensive list of motorcycle riding tricks, you can still go ahead with the above-mentioned ones, to begin with. No matter what type of practice is accessible to you, put some effort into trying the strategies mentioned above, and enhance your skills.

Just understand the fact that riding is much more enjoyable and fun if you are calm and confident. Also, the main motive of all this practice is to ensure your safety and protection!

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!


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