Sofa Bed Dubai Give Your Home a Luxury Look

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Sofa Beds are not just beds anymore! Contrary to what one might believe, they have changed quite a bit over the last decade or so. In the beginning, a sofa bed was simply a simple foldable couch that under its seating covers hide a thin metal frame and usually a thin, wooden mattress that could be folded or unfolded to create a bed.

As implied by the name, a sofa bed folds up into a bed when you need to laze around the length of the bed and as an extra, the sleeping area at night makes it perfect for every guest and personal use because of its convenience. They are easy to store when not in use because they fold up into a small “snug” bag – just pull out and you are set for a restful sleep.

Over the past decade or so, sofas in Dubai have seen a change of heart when it comes to usage and fashion. Traditionalists still favor the traditional black sofa in plain color or cream, while the trendier crowd has moved on to bold colors and sleek designs.

For a city that boasts the most extravagant and expensive real estate in the world, this represents a major shift for many who see the value of investing in luxury to impress others. A black sofa bed in your living room will instantly add to the style quotient of any apartment or house, especially if you coordinate it with dark paint and furniture that matches.

You can also, complement a bold sofabeddubai in the living room of a hotel by having dark fabric and bold accessories like a bar with a mirrored back or a wire rack on the wall behind your sofa. You will not only add a classic touch to your otherwise bland surroundings, but you will be serving yourself and your guests with a comfortable and luxurious bed that is the envy of others.

Trendiest Sofa Bed Dubai For Your Living Room

You may not need a reason to justify the purchase of a new sofa bed in Dubai, but there are plenty of reasons. In fact, a quick survey of expatriates in Dubai will reveal that sofas and couches are one of the top purchases made by foreigners when they move to the city. Sofa beds come in different designs, too. There is no dearth of styles and shapes to choose from – whether you want a traditional 2-seater or something a bit more modern, you will find exactly what you need in the many stores selling such furniture in Dubai.

What to do with your new couch bed in Dubai? Most ex-pats tend to keep their couches in their living rooms, where they will remain until they have a spare evening to sit and relax on the sofa. But what about those rare visitors who insist on having a spot in their living room? Surely, they would need a place to put down their feet and stretch out. So, a sofa bed in Dubai makes the perfect solution for such people.

You can buy sofas in Dubai at very reasonable prices. These sofas are usually quite lightweight and comfortable, and they also look very elegant when they are arranged right. In fact, it is not unusual for some Dubai hotels to have a few sofas in their guest bedrooms, which are kept well-maintained and ready for use whenever required. Such bed Dubai models are quite popular with foreigners, as they offer an excellent sleeping option, especially for businessmen. They provide adequate seating and sleeping space, and you can rest assured that the guest bedroom will remain neat and clean.

There is another very common reason why Dubai tends to purchase such furniture from stores in Dubai. This reason is fairly obvious: it saves them a lot of money. For example, an ordinary studio apartment in Dubai costs around twenty thousand dollars to rent in a year, while the spacious flat platform bed costs only six thousand dollars. If you figure in all the daily rentals, you will come to about eighty thousand dollars a year, which is less than the cost of a single luxury holiday in the French Caribbean. Clearly, the price of a sofa bed in Dubai goes a lot lower than a villa in France!

Apart from being economical, another reason why sofas in Dubai is popular is that many of them come in stunning designs and are designed exclusively by renowned designers. Thus, you will have absolutely no problem in finding one that meets your requirements and tastes. One can get sofa sets made of metal or wood, and they can be covered in leather or silk fabric to give them a very sophisticated look. Such sofa sets in Dubai are usually available in a wide range of colors, designs, styles, and sizes.

Reason Why Sofa Bed Dubai is Better

A third reason why a lot of people prefer sofa bed in Dubai is that the prices of such sofas in Dubai are comparatively lower than those in most major cities in the world. So, you do not have to spend several thousand dollars on a luxury mattress when you can get a brand new one for only a few hundred dollars. What’s more, the same applies to wall beds too. There are some very famous names here in the market and you can get yourself a great looking and comfortable couch or a wall bed at very reasonable rates. So, no wonder why they have become so popular.


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