Tips for Healthy Eating During the Week

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To avoid eating anything when we get home from work tired and eat a healthier diet, we give you some tips to organize healthy menus that do not take much time to prepare.

When you are late from work, you will likely end up resorting to anything in the fridge or freezer (pizzas, ready meals, etc.) especially if you have to prepare food for yourself. Therefore, we will establish healthy and sustainable routines over time.

First of all, we must be aware of the time we can spend shopping and cooking. It is not about making sophisticated elaborations or sacrificing our leisure time. Fortunately, today we can buy healthy and ready-to-eat or ready-to-eat products in five minutes. In addition, you must find the food that suits your needs (lose weight, maintain optimal physical performance, etc.) that is healthy, feasible and V Tight Gel.

Plan your weekly menus

It is very important to know in advance how many days you will eat and dine at home or if you have planned an outing. With all this, you can create a weekly or daily calendar (preferably from Monday to Sunday) with each lunch and dinner.

If you are going to eat a Tupper, rice, pasta, salads, and legumes can be a good resource for lunch, while you leave the fish for dinner.

Remember that your dishes should always include vegetables or vegetables along with protein (animal or vegetable) and a side dish with carbohydrates (rice, pasta or potato) that may be optional.

Manage the shopping list

Once the weekly menu is planned, you have to take care of replenishing the fridge with the necessary food for that week, avoiding buying in excess and trying to save on the purchase. Perishable foods like fruits and vegetables can end up as waste if we don’t buy them in the right amount.

In addition, we can buy three or four servings of fresh products such as meat and fish since, once at home, they can be frozen in individual servings (wrapped in plastic wrap or freezer bags).

Also, it is interesting to include in the shopping list those foods considered “healthy processed ” that can solve a meal when we have little time to cook. Among these products include:

  • Jars of cooked vegetables
  • Glasses of cooked rice
  • Cans of fish canning
  • Yogurts (without sugar)
  • Precooked vegetables that are microwaved
  • Lettuce bags ready to eat
  • Canned vegetables (peppers, asparagus, etc.)
  • Jar vegetable creams or tetra brick (not containing hydrogenated fats)

Batch cooking or how to optimize the time you spend cooking

The increasingly well-known batch-cooking method is simply another way to save time in the elaboration of menus since it establishes one day a week to cook different food groups in various portions and store them cooked in toppers so that later, during the week, combine them so that you only have to heat up in the microwave and you get a balanced dish every day. Another option is to go to the home toppers that offer healthy and balanced menu options.

What you should know…

It is very important to know in advance how many days you will eat/dine at home or if you plan to make a lunch or dinner menu away from home.

Once the weekly menu is planned, we must take care of replenishing the fridge/freezer and pantry of the food we need for each week.

The increasingly popular batch cooking method is simply another way to save time on menu preparation.

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