Dental benefits of MUFACE as well as Social Security

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A healthy mouth is crucial to our overall health and to be at its best.  The good news is that many oral therapies can be obtained via Social Security or MUFACE.

In this piece of Your Help we tell you the kind of assistance available and how to apply for it.

MUFACE dental benefits

MUFACE can be described as an acronym for the General Mutual Society of Civil Officials. That is, the assistance we’re going to discuss in this article is directed only at officials of the State who have this mutuality utilised. Below, you’ll find aid for all citizens.

What kind of aids do MUFACE offer to the dentist?

MUFACE will cover a part of the cost for certain dental procedures, but not the entire cost of dental treatments. Below we list the dental benefits MUFACE offers and the amount the assistance is for each.

MUFACE Dental Treatment Exceptions

There are some exceptions are essential to be aware of to ensure that when you apply to receive assistance you do not run into any issues:

  • Assistance for temporary procedures cannot be requested .
  • For implants with osseointegration, assistance may only be sought up to 12 implants.
  • Individuals who wish to request orthodontic help should be aware that this assistance can only be granted when they began treatment before they reached the age of 18. The help is only requested one time.
  • In the case of pieces or filling, as well as endodontics , it is possible to only request up to 12 times in a year.

Application for dental benefits MUFACE

In order to assist you, they will need to provide MUFACE with the invoice from your dentist, indicating the procedure that was performed on you. They might also request for an invoice proving that you’ve already paid for the procedure.

You can submit it via it’s Virtual Office. You can find it in it, you will find the “Application to receive Dental Insurance” section.

Assistance to repair Social Security’s mouth Social Security

Presently, Social Security dental benefits can be viewed as “minimum service”. The same applies to hearing and eye health .

The free services do not take into account processes that may result in a decrease in the quality of life of people like infections or inflammation. Additionally, they include:

  • Remove wisdom teeth.
  • If you sustain any sort of injury or trauma to your mouth.
  • If they are required to take the biopsy to look into an oral condition that could be a cause.

This implies that services such as the following are not available:

  • Solutions that are temporary for problems that must be addressed in the near future.
  • Braces or orthodontics.
  • Extractions when the tooth healthy and doesn’t require it.
  • Cosmetic treatments like the whitening process and dental veneers.
  • Implants for dental purposes, excluding the case of patients who suffer from an illness that is serious like cancer, and who are losing teeth as a result of the treatments they’re receiving.

However on the other hand, the Autonomous Communities can carry out “campaigns” throughout the year, which provide a portion of certain procedures that aren’t included in the overall Social Security dental aid. In many cases, prioritization is granted to people with disabilities , dependents or people who are pensioners because of disabilities.

The discount on the overall price usually are as follows:

children’s dentist

Minors are able to visit the dentist at no cost in the following situations:

  • If a crack is present in the tooth.
  • Dental fillings. This is in the event that you have cavities.
  • If you’re prone to an excessive amount of tartar and this could result in long-term health issues, regular tooth cleaning is also a part of.
  • If you suspect that an incisor (the four teeth that are in Front) or the canine tooth (the ones after the four in front) is damaged. If you’ve sustained trauma as a result of an injury or situation.
  • Extractions of teeth and endodontics require it.

Assistance to pensioners to go to the dental

There aren’t any aids for pensioners as such. It is however possible to find that the Autonomous Community has a specific aid program to help you.

We recommend you talk to it with your health center or the office for social services. They will inform you about any ongoing program that could be of interest to you. One of the most sought-after services is usually false teeth.

Dental care is free for people who are unemployed.

The people who do not work can visit the dentist at no cost so long as they are suffering from an oral issue that is related to:

  • Inflammation or an infection.
  • There are injuries or cuts in the mouth.
  • Have you suffered dental trauma.
  • Have a problem with your temporomandibular joint.
  • They will need an extraction performed.

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In all cases the biopsies that are required to detect diseases as well as the medication prescription will also be included like primary health care.

How are dental aids requested?

If you’re suffering from any dental issues insured under Social Security, we recommend to make for an appointment as quickly as is possible. It can be done by calling Primary Care, in your health center. They will then inform you about the process to follow. You may also visit an Social Security dental centers in your Autonomous Community.

Other dental aids

There are many associations that are, for instance ” Solidarity Dentistry “, comprised of dentists who volunteer their time and experience to those who are unable to afford the dentist privately.

The goal of the organization is to improve the standard of living for those who need it the most, and assist them to integrate into society and assist them to find work. They serve individuals of all ages.

Patients only pay EUR15 for each visit. This is a tiny amount when you consider that it covers the total price of the procedure the patient will undergo. This is essential to point out that they don’t accept emergency cases, so if are interested in attending , you must make an appointment.

The Solidarity Dental Foundation has premises in Albacete, Badajoz, Burgos, A Coruna, Malaga, Valencia, Madrid and Granollers.

For more information, follow them on Twitter..

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