To Tip or Not To Tip? (Your Ultimate Guide to Tipping Dos and Don’ts)

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Often we notice tip jars sitting around our go-to cafes and restaurants, waiting for satisfied customers to toss them with coins or paper bills. Tipping for a great service has been around for centuries, started by the Europeans and soon adopted by Americans and the rest of the world after the Civil War. It became a norm for everyone to tip a waiter or a waitress in return to their excellent service but when it comes to movers, house painters, or lawnmowers, most people are a little unsure if they are accustomed to giving them a tip or if so, how much should it cost?

Generally, we offer some extra pay to people if we find their service beyond our expectations. The amount of tip usually depends on how we appreciate the fast and reliable service or how heavy the workload is. Like if movers would exert their effort carrying our furniture four flights upstairs or if technicians were able to fix our broken laptops earlier as they’ve promised us.

The following are your guidelines for common household services:

Furniture Delivery Crews

Most furniture shops are partnering with professional logistics companies, especially for long-distance deliveries. This means that a furniture delivery crew is probably a third-party hire who may only receive a portion of the shipping fee’s amount, which is why tipping becomes customary. You can give them at least 15 AUD each or try to offer higher if there is an installation or assembly involved.  


Plumbers are well-trained professionals that are likely to receive an hourly rate from the company. They don’t usually expect you to offer some extra pay. But if you think their service deserves some merit of appreciation, you may rather leave a five-star rating or recommendation on the review platforms of their socials or websites instead of tipping.   

Repair Person

Similar to plumbers, repairpersons are also receiving an hourly rate for their job so you won’t have to tip anyway. But if you ask them to fix them something that is no longer part of their job description, that’s the time you have to pay them some extra. You can also insist to grab them some food or snacks if they refuse to charge you.   

House Painter

House painters may not also expect you to tip but if you are personally pleased with the new look of your home or business, you can offer a little extra or provide them with a good breakfast or snacks on their break. You can also leave a positive response to their service provider or recommend them to your friends.


Some states provide regular lawn care for the entire community. Whether they mow your lawns or plough your driveways during winter, you should tip these lawnmowers generously some pretty extra cash so that they will be more likely to come to your house first the next year. 

Movers or Packers

Packing all your valuables from point A plus moving to and unpacking them at point B is surely a big job that somewhat expects a fair tip from you. Movers and packers are usually a group of more or less five men, depending on your demands. So, instead of tipping them each, it is better to offer the foreman with a huge lump sum to divide among the crew.